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Boat migrant launches frenzied attack on Border Force officers and security guard


A migrant has been arrested after allegedly launching a frenzied and violent attack on two Border Force officers and a security guard shortly after reaching the UK on a small boat from France.

The 21-year-old bit the guard, punched and kicked a female officer and left her male colleague with severe damage to his shoulder during the latest violent assault on Friday afternoon, it is claimed. He is also accused of trying to attack a coach driver.

The migrant was among a group of 40 who had crossed the English Channel from France in a small boat, landing on a beach near Ramsgate.

But the young man lashed out as he was being taken by coach from Ramsgate to the Home Office migrant processing centre at Manston where newly arrived migrants are registered.

The migrant was arrested on suspicion of assault by Kent Police upon arrival at the reception centre.

Now Border Force staff have told how they fear an officer will get killed due the growing number of violent attacks by migrants arriving on Britain's beaches from France.

One source said: 'Border Force officers, security guards and drivers fear these attacks will escalate and someone will end up dead!

'Everyone who works on the south coast knows that this an absolute nightmare waiting to happen.

'If more than one migrant had become violent it could have resulted in the deaths of Border Force officers and others.

'Border Forces officers are outnumbered by migrants to a ratio of ten to one when they are transferred to the Manston.

'But despite being under arrest for illegal entry they are not handcuffed or even searched.

'Someone will end up dead!'

Kent Police confirmed that a 21-year-old was arrested on suspicion of assaulting three people during the journey to Manston Processing Centre.