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Number of boat migrants reaching UK this year nears 15,000


Up to 80 people were picked up in the English Channel Friday as the total number of migrants reaching British shores nears the 15,000 milestone.

Pictures taken in Dover, Kent on Friday showed Border Force officials marshalling dozens of migrants off of boats and inside to be processed.

Eyewitnesses estimate 'at least 80' migrants were brought into Dover Marine, Kent so far on Friday.

If confirmed, that would take the total number of migrants to have reached the United Kingdom so far this year beyond the 15,000 milestone. 

It comes as more than 200 migrants crossed the Channel by small boat on the same day Home Secretary Priti Patel was given a guided tour of operations on the frontline of the ongoing crisis.

Record-breaking numbers of migrants have so far made it across the Channel this year - with numbers already nearing double those recorded in the whole of 2020. 

In total, 14,942 migrants have made the crossing across the Channel in 2021 according to official Home Office records.