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Boots' launches landmark legal battle with shoplifter let off by the police


Boots has made legal history by launching a private prosecution against a career criminal who police released despite him being caught shoplifting red-handed.

Nicholas Richards was on a suspended sentence for theft when he was seen taking £170 worth of Gucci perfume from the chemist’s flagship Piccadilly branch in the West End of London.

Yet when police officers arrived they told astonished staff it was a ‘civil matter’ and let Richards go. The company, which loses up to £12,000 a week to shoplifting, refused to let the matter go, however.

Instead, it became involved in what is believed to be the first private prosecution for shoplifting brought by a corporate ‘victim’.

Richards, who has 25 previous convictions including 18 for shoplifting, admitted the offence at Medway magistrates’ court in Kent. He will be sentenced later this month.

This shows very clearly how big companies and the rich are allowed their own private police force, just as the Jewish community have their own private Shomrim police force. And good luck to the rich and the Jews, when the state fails any group of people they are entitled to take steps to defend their own interests and community.

So what about a private police force for ordinary, poor, English communities? Wouldn't that only be fair and reasonable, or are we of lesser value and importance than certain other groups?