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Boris Declares He Will Not Cap Immigration


Boris Johnson has once again promoted himself as a “pro-immigration politician” and refused to commit to reducing it below its current near-record highs.

“I’m a pro-immigration politician,” the Tory leader declared on the BBC on Friday morning, shaking two clenched fists and adding: “I think immigration can be a wonderful thing.”

Johnson did concede that the current rates “have been very high”, and suggested his administration would be able to “take back control of our borders” in January, at least with respect to Free Movement from the European Union, when he “gets Brexit done” — although if his proposed withdrawal treaty with the EU passes this will be impossible, as it involves signing Britain up to continued Free Movement until at least the end of the so-called “transition” period which it entails.

He claimed that once Britain does have full “democratic control” over its borders, “when it comes to unskilled immigration for people who don’t have a job to come to, we will get the numbers down”.

This somewhat vague commitment leaves all sorts of loopholes which will cause concern to voters, however, offering no assurances on skilled immigration, for which there can be a very low bar, on unskilled immigration for people who do have a job to come to, or on mass chain migration — so-called “family reunification” — of existing migrants’ spouses, parents, siblings, and children.

Indeed, the Prime Minister has already suggested he will quadruple economic immigration to the British countryside, and has dropped the Tory party’s long-standing promise to reduce net immigration “from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands”, offered to voters ahead of the 2010, 2015, and 2017 general elections — but never kept.

Well there goes that! Boris the man who has bumbled Brexit will continue to drive this country of ours into the ground at the behest of corporations hungry for more cheap labour and consumer slaves.