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Boris says we could remain in EU til 2021


Well that did not take long. Little over a week after taking office, Prime Minister Boris is already plotting against Brexiteers by pushing a deal far worse than Mrs. May's.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appeared to suggest that the UK would remain locked in the EU Single Market and Customs Union for years to come under his proposed new deal with the EU.

Johnson said yesterday that: “Some of the changes and adjustments necessary in the run-up to October 31st, and a lot of which we have already done, will be crucial anyway if we are going to come out of the Customs Union, come out of the Single Market as we must in the next couple of years.”

Brexiteers will be watching closely if a yet another Theresa May-style fudge is being put forward.

The country voted to leave in 2016 and a further failure to deliver radical political change will likely see further electoral consequences.

Get ready for fireworks as we approach October the 31st. One thing I can promise: while the mainstream politicians sell the English people down the river once again, the English Democrats will be fighting, through the courts, to secure our freedom from the EU technocrats.