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Violent thugs battle on the street of Bradford with weapons


Large groups of men were seen grappling and punching each other in broad daylight on Tickhill Street, Bradford on Sunday as bystanders screamed out 'please' and 'stop'.

Three men, aged between 20 and 23, were arrested on suspicion of affray and Section 18 wounding and taken into custody following medical treatment.

Police said two were released on bail pending further enquiries, with the third released under investigation.

The groups were seen using makeshift weapons to strike each other. One man attacked his rivals with an object resembling a litter picker.

Others knocked each other to the ground and rolled around in a tussle. 

One man was kicked as he laid on the ground, apparently unconscious, while the fighting continued around him.

Bystanders let out terrified screams as the fight ensued. Some seemingly tried to flee the area as more men joined in the brawl.

West Yorkshire police responded to the scene after receiving reports of a disturbance with persons injured.

On scene, investigators were informed that three males presented hospital with injuries that suggested they had been involved in the incident.

Following medical treatment the men were arrested.