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Brexit Betrayed: Judges rule against Parliament


The Blair-appointed judges of Supreme Court has ruled that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was acting unlawfully when he suspended Parliament in August for five weeks.


In a shock ruling which strongly went against the government on every count, the Supreme Court in London unanimously found Tuesday morning that Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was not only unlawful but was null and void, meaning it legally did not take place.

Parliament is now free to sit again as soon as desired by the speakers of both houses, the court explained.

Anti-Brexit politicians have leapt upon the ruling as resembling a fatal blow against Boris Johnson, who it is claimed could be the shortest-serving Prime Minister in British history if he were ousted now.

But what or who could replace Mr Johnson is not clear as no single party can command a majority in Parliament.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn addressed his party’s annual conference in Brighton as the ruling was made, and told the delegates there that the Prime Minister should “consider his position”.

Speaking outside the Supreme Court former Tory MP turned independent Anna Soubry also called on the Prime Minister to resign, saying it was time for what she unironically calls a government of national unity to take power. Presumably formed of a coalition of opposition parties, the purpose of the much-discussed “unity” government would be to overturn Brexit, it has been claimed — despite delivering Brexit being the majority position in the United Kingdom.

Unelected judges cannot dictate to the government on matters of procedure. This is a travesty and will probably cost us a clean Brexit. Shame on these so-called judges. The only hope to secure Brexit now is the legal challenge of the English Democrats to European courts. This and nothing else will secure the Brexit 17.4M people voted for!