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University of Bristol unveils new 'Reparative Futures' logo


The University of Bristol has ditched slave trader Edward Colston's emblem from its logo and has unveiled its new crest as part of its £10m 'Reparative Futures' programme.

The emblem of the 17th century merchant was incorporated into the design of the university's logo in 2003 but the university decided to change it in 2023 following public outcry.

The dolphin crest has now been replaced by a book to align with the university's values of education and all references to Edward Colston have been removed.

The removal of the crest comes after a year-long public consultation which centered on whether seven buildings named after families - including Wills and Frys - with links to slavery should be renamed.

The decision to remove Colston's crest was announced in November 2023 more than three years after a statue of the slaver was toppled and dumped in Bristol's harbour by BLM protesters.

The university will slowly update its emblem to 'limit wastage and manage this refresh as cost effectively as possible.'

The phased update will see changes to the logo online and on prominent signs around the campus and changes will be made to other sings and materials when they need replacing.

The University of Bristol said: 'The book of learning which was previously referenced in the shape of the lower left and right segments of the logo is now reinforced and strengthened by the addition of moving pages and a bookmark.

This image reflects the institution’s core mission - education and learning.'

The university did not receive funding from Colston, who died nearly 200 years before the university was founded.