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How's that going to happen?!: Britain and France agree to stop ALL illegal Channel crossings


Britain and France have vowed to stop all illegal Channel crossings after a record 33,000 migrants made the perilous journey so far this year. 

The ambitious (ridiculous, given the current Government) goal is one of several announced by Prime Minister Liz Truss and President Emmanuel Macron following a bi-lateral meeting in Prague in the Czech Republic on Thursday.  

The two countries revealed they will hold a summit in 2023, dubbed 'La Cooperation', in a bid to 'strengthen cooperation on energy security' while 'tackling illegal migration.' 

Downing Street's Twitter account branded the summit 'La cooperation', adding: 'The UK and France have agreed to strengthen cooperation on energy security and tackling illegal migration, including: Joint support for Sizewell C; Closer working on nuclear power; Stopping deadly journeys across the channel.' 

A joint statement by the two countries said their respective leaders had 'agreed to deepen cooperation on illegal migration within the bounds of international law, to tackle criminal groups trafficking people across Europe, ending in dangerous journeys across the Channel.'

It implored 'Interior Ministers' to 'conclude an ambitious package of measures this autumn', adding that PM Truss and President Macron had 'agreed to reinforce cooperation with near neighbours, including through an early meeting of the Calais group.'