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British Army to Blow £1/2M on ‘Diversity and Inclusion Directorate’


Senior British Army officers are set to introduce a Diversity and Inclusion Directorate to enforce politically correct standards in the forces and will hire a team of equality specialists to carry out the woke initiative.

The army will invest over £500,000 on the new staff, as well as an additional £110,000 per year salary for the Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

Candidates for the positions will be required to help soldiers and employees at the Ministry of Defence “feel authentic in the workplace”, to make people’s differences feel “valued”, and to ensure that “everyone’s needs are considered”.

The new initiative is believed to be an attempt to boost recruitment numbers from so-called underrepresented groups.

In July, the Royal Navy also succumbed to woke outrage mobs, reportedly banning “gendered” terms such as “unmanned” and “manpower” out of fear that using the words would be viewed as “sexist”.