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British Army: ‘Patriotism’ Could Be Sign of Extremism


Overrun by liberal bureaucrats, the debasement of our army continues. This is what our once proud and mighty army has been reduced to:

According to a leaked document from the British army, soldiers who describe themselves as “patriots" could be right-wing extremists.

Written in 2017, the leaflet “Extreme Right Wing (XRW) Indicators & Warnings” was sent to senior defence staff to “educate Chains of Command on the indicators and warnings of personnel who may harbour extremist views”.

The leaflet advised recipients to “look out” for soldiers who: “Describe themselves as ‘patriots'”; “Add ‘istan’ to British place names”; “Use the term ‘Islamofascism'”; “Involve colleagues in closed social media groups”; “Refer to Political Correctness as some kind of left wing or Communist plot”; or who “Make inaccurate generalisations about ‘the Left’ or Government”.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed that the document obtained by the Daily Mail was genuine, with a spokesman saying: “The values of our armed forces and the nation they serve are totally incompatible with extremist views. We have robust measures in place to ensure those exhibiting these views are not permitted to serve. Exhibiting one or two of these in no way suggests someone is an extremist, and the card does not suggest that all patriots are extremists.

“Through the Government’s counter terrorism and counter extremism strategies (PREVENT) the MOD takes a comprehensive approach to tackling all forms of extremism and terrorism.”

Patriots are not welcome in the new progressive British Army. On the other hand, Muslims, LGBT activists and those will mental illnesses will be fast tracked up the ladder as the latest Army promo videos make clear.