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London Museum hosts story-time events for children hosted by a drag queen


The British Museum in London have announced controversial sessions that will be part of a "family day" being held at the Library during this month’s half- term holiday week, featuring a drag queen who disturbingly promises to leave audiences ‘gagging for more’.

The publicly funded institution – whose boss is ex-BBC executive Roly Keating – has organised several ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ sessions over the half term with a group which says it is committed to offering children ‘queer role models’.

It has been met with fierce criticism from parents, who argue that it is inappropriate to expose primary-age children to drag acts.

According to the group hosting the sessions, Van Delle is a Bristol-based performer who also hosts evening shows for adults titled ‘Disgraceful Behaviour’. It says: ‘Bringing her Sicilian charm to this iconic British venue, Alyssa is a delight for all ages. Having worked across all areas with Drag Queen Story Time, she’s one of our most experienced queens. From children’s nursery rhymes, to stories and games, she’ll have you on the edge of your seat and gagging for more!’

The Library has defended the sessions, saying it was ‘delighted’ to have drag queens at its family day.