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Bucha Massacre - UKRAINIAN War Crime!


The fake news media are at it again! The most gruesome false flag attack of the war has been turned into the biggest lie of the war. The Bucha Massacre is being used to whip the population of the entire West into hysterical support for war and suicidal sanctions. "Putin is a war criminal", they scream - while ignoring the blatant evidence that the brutal killings in the town of Bucha were perpetrated by the UKRAINIANS.

Perhaps as the mythology of Bucha takes root, NATO's propagandists will get round to using Photoshop and video editing to conceal the truth, but so far it has been crystal clear for all those with eyes to see and brains to think. And it's really very simple: Many of the victims shown gunned down in the street or bound and tortured to death in basements are wearing WHITE ARMBANDS.

This means that they were supporters of the Russian 'invasion'. That in turn means that they will have been ethnic Russians. The heavy-armed neo-Nazis who form the backbone of the Ukrainian army are quite open in regarding Russians as sub-human scum who must be exterminated. Why would anyone be surprised that they are raping, torturing and killing the people they hate - especially when the outrage being whipped up by exploitation of the photos and videos increases the chance that NATO will enter the war directly?

Bucha is one of the towns near Kiev which the Russian Army has left in order to redeploy for the climactic battle in South Eastern Ukraine. As the Russians have left, Ukrainian forces have moved back in. This is the video which is at the dark heart of the Bucha Massacre story. It shows that the Ukrainians are wearing blue armbands; other videos of the conflict show that Russian soldiers wear white strips around their arms or legs - with close quarters combat common in the conflict, the reason for this is obvious.

Pro-Russian civilians, however, have taken to wearing white armbands to indicate their support for the Russian army which has come to end the persecution of Russian-speakers. If you watch the video closely, you will see that - time after time - the victims of the shootings are still wearing the white armbands which got them killed. Forget about the commentary and sub-titles, as they go along with the fake news narrative - just watch the footage and make up your own mind.

The only thing unclear is whether those who shot these poor people down in cold blood were regular Ukrainian soldiers, members of the Azov forces within Kiev's military, or civilian neo-Nazis using weapons handed out by the tens of thousand at the start of the war.

There really could not be clearer - or more logical - evidence of what has happened, the nationality of the killers and why they committed this ghastly crime. The question is not who really committed the ethnic-cleansing slaughter in Bucha (and, no doubt, in many other towns). The question is whether the population of the West are gullible enough to allow the fake news media and Boris Johnson and the rest of the political elite to use the evidence of neo-Nazi brutality to drive us into even more dangerous and destructive confrontation with Russia.

We say again: This is NOT England's fight. Not one of our soldiers, not one of our weapons and not one of our tax pounds should be thrown into the terrible forced war in Ukraine!