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Cambridge discriminates against private school white boys


Cambridge University has been criticised for allegedly discriminating against private school white boys, according to a university vice-chancellor.

Professor James Tooley claimed that Cambridge University is actively trying to reduce the number of "wealthier white males".

Cambridge’s state school intake has increased from 61.4 per cent of those offered places in 2013 to 72.9 per cent in 2022.

Tooley told the Times: "Cambridge famously, explicitly, is reducing the numbers of what you might call wealthier white males.

"They’re increasing the number of ethnic minority males and females, and females in general, and are therefore reducing the number of white males.

"And therefore what you see is admissions policies being undermined by a government regulator.

“Cambridge is absolutely being discriminatory against the privately educated, particularly privately educated white males.

"They are being discriminated against. It is very insidious but the government isn’t off the hook here.”

“There is the potential for the regulator to use conditions of registration to interfere with academic freedom.

"They’re already using them to interfere with the selection of students.”

The Office for Students (Ofs) requires each institution it regulates to have an approved access and participation plan in place.

These set out how universities will attract students from under-represented backgrounds make the proportion of first class degrees awarded to those from ethnic groups and with disabilities more balanced.

Tooley is vice-chancellor for Buckingham University - the UK's oldest private university, founded in 1976.

The university announced plans to offer a Masters degree and PhD in the subject of 'wokeness' from this coming autumn.

The new course will be run by Professor Eric Kaufmann who said: "The aim of the course is to examine woke like any other ideology and treat it analytically and dispassionately."