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Quarter of "child migrants" crossing English Channel older than 18


A quarter of migrants who claimed to be children after crossing the English Channel from France were older than 18, council figures have revealed.

Of the 1,668 who told officials they were children after landing on the Kent coast in the last five years, more than 400 were later found to be adults.

A source at Kent county council told The Sunday Telegraph: 'Following age assessment, around 25 percent are assessed as being 18 or over. They will then almost definitely appeal this through the courts and the council pays all the legal fees

Kent has started transferring the new arrivals to other councils across the country because it cannot cope with the numbers.

Kent is looking after more than 600 under-18s who are costing tax payers £200,000 a month.  

Another 950 people, aged 18 to 25, have been given temporary accommodation.  

Those found to be under 18 will have the right to financial help with accommodation up until they are 25.