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Child Rapist Migrant to Remain in Germany


A migrant convicted of raping a 14-year-old in 2019 has been released from prison after efforts to deport the criminal back to his home country were blocked by the country’s Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser.

Faeser, a hard-leftist politician who has taken an extremely lax line on illegal immigration, has routinely instead focused her ire on those who dare to express right-wing views she disagrees with in Germany, with the official having previously written for a publication openly titled “Antifa” while serving as a public representative.

According to a report by Die Welt, Faeser has now blocked efforts to remove the rapist to his home country of Afghanistan, with her ministry saying that such a move could jeopardise the wellbeing of the man, who was convicted for taking part in a gang rape of a child along with three other men from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Germany has reportedly banned deportations to Afghanistan since 2021, shortly after the Taliban regained control of the country after toppling the western-backed government within a matter of months.

The decision to block the man’s deportation comes despite warnings from local authorities that the man is seen by police as having a high risk of reoffending “against unknown young women”.

Afghan rapists are not the only men that are reportedly banned from being deported under Nancy Faeser’s Interior Ministry, with Die Welt reporting that officials have also been forbidden from removing probable Islamic terrorists from Germany.

For example, the publication notes Baden-Württemberg State Secretary of Justice Siegfried Lorek as writing to Faeser calling for deportations to Afghanistan to allow radical Islamic extremists to be safely removed from the country.

Lorek notes that one man due to be released from prison has been classified as posing a high Islamic terror risk to the general public.

“Due to the existing radicalization and clear willingness to use violence, plans for attacks are to be expected,” the local official reportedly told Faeser in a letter sent late last year.