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National Trust excludes Christian holidays from calendar


The National Trust has excluded Christmas and Easter from their 2024 calendar.

Members of the trust have complained after discovering their annual charity calendar failed to mark the Christian holidays, but did include Hinduism's Diwali, and Islam's Eid and Ramadan.

The conservation charity have been accused of being "too woke" after their "inclusivity and wellbeing" calendar failed to include any Christian holidays.

The calendar, which is offered to members, has sparked fresh concern amid reports that the Trust is "increasingly focusing on gay history and on the slavery links of its historic properties".

A National Trust spokesman said in a statement: "This internal guidance is specifically designed to supplement the National Trust's year-round programming that includes Christmas and Easter, which are national public holidays and which are celebrated at all properties.

"It enables our teams to mark more religious and cultural festivals, to serve local communities and allow everyone to learn about and enjoy different cultures.

"We're proud to host some wonderful celebrations for Eid, Diwali, Hanukkah, and other occasions. The National Trust is for everyone."