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Clear out the House of Treason




Borris has made a good start by sacking almost 30 malcontents but the chief traitor still occupies the chair!

A new petition has been launched by Robin Tilbrook demanding the removal of House of Commons Speaker John Bercow.


This petition is addressed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The petition reads:

'John Bercow's unrestrained anti-Brexit bias is a disgraceful abuse of his position and of the traditional neutrality of the role of Speaker of the House of Commons.

'We, the undersigned, demand the tabling of a no-confidence motion to force John Bercow's immediate resignation as Speaker.'

Can you spare just thirty seconds to sign this petition and help restore honour and dignity to the office of the Speaker of the House after Mr Bercow’s flagrant abuse of his position and his open opposition to the sovereign Will of the people as expressed in the Brexit referendum?

We, the People, are Sovereign NOT John Bercow OR Parliament. It seems that we must remind ALL of Parliament that…THEY WORK FOR US!

Please sign the petition below and let us take back OUR Parliament from the likes of “Speaker” Bercow!