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Commie Corbyn Promises Immigration Rises if Elected


Communist Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has defended the free movement of people, saying: “We all benefit from people moving to, living in and working in different societies.”


“I’m proud of the diversity of our society and our country, and I want that to be a basis of how we live”, he added.

The Labour Party is set to release its election manifesto on Thursday.  The manifesto is expected to be far more radical on immigration than the 2017 Labour Party manifesto which said: “Freedom of movement will end when we leave the European Union,” and that: “Labour will develop and implement fair immigration rules.”

Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbot said this week that: ‘The Labour Party is committed to maintaining and extending Freedom of Movement rights.’

The negative impact that mass migration has on wages has long been demonstrated, with the Bank of England confirming as early as 2015 that immigration was depressing wages in the UK, a simple expression of supply and demand.

This knowledge, however, has not deterred past Labour or Conservative governments from pursuing mass migration policies in the United Kingdom.

Perhaps next the government will admit a correlation between mass migration and increased crime and drug use levels. Or maybe not. I won't hold my breath!