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Conservative philosopher Sir Roger Scruton Dies at 75


England the UK's premier conservative philosopher Sir Roger Scruton has passed away at the age of 75.

The author of more than 50 books on aesthetics, morality and politics, he was also a government advisor. Supporters hailed him as "the greatest conservative of our age".

A statement on his website said he had been fighting cancer for six months and "died peacefully" on Sunday.

Sir Roger’s recent investiture with the Lech Kaczynski Foundation’s Medal for Courage and Integrity — one of several awards he received from European nations for his work in founding and running underground universities in communist-occupied countries.

Sir Roger, a Brexit supporter, despite the prevailing view at the time that Britain would vote to Remain, when asked his views on the future of Sir Roger answered on the assumption that the British would vote to leave.

It will be difficult, almost as difficult as our future inside the EU. But if we can unite and face our new condition with courage, we can renew our nation and its standing in the world.

It is impossible to see anyone of his stature and intellect who is ready and willing to stand up and be counted, at least here in England. He will be sadly missed. May he rest in peace!