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Corbyn Confirms Plans for Second EU Referendum


Far-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn confirmed he would pursue a second Brexit referendum if he becomes prime minister.

Speaking at the Battersea Arts Centre in London in his first major speech of the General Election campaign, Mr Corbyn said that if Labour wins he will renegotiate a soft Brexit deal with the EU which would include remaining in a customs union with the EU and being closely tied to its Single Market and Free Movement regime.

He would then force the country to go back to the polls, with Remain and his deal the two options on the ballot paper in a referendum.

“Labour will get Brexit sorted within six months. We’ll let the people decide whether to leave with a sensible deal or Remain,” he said.

Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet have previously indicated that Labour would campaign for Remain and against its own deal in this referendum — a policy which has been widely mocked.

After coming out in favour of a second referendum in July, Labour has distinguished itself as the Remain party that wishes to undo Brexit through a public poll.

The Liberal Democrats, led by recently-elected Jo Swinson, have said they will cancel Brexit altogether if they gain a majority in the House of Commons in the December 12th election.

We doubt any deal that Comrade Corbyn would cook up is anything we would consider sensible. In his second referendum a genuine Brexit would not even be on the ballot.