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Corbyn denies supporting ‘send black Brits to Africa" Plan


Communist Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been forced to deny supporting a fellow Labour MP's plan to offer grants to black Brits to resettle in Africa and the Caribbean.

The party leader is reported to have backed the 1993 proposal by black MP Bernie Grant - which drew fierce criticism from campaigners at the time.

Mr Grant, who was elected as one of the UK's first black MPs in Tottenham in 1987, said the proposal was a response to widespread racism.

He was named in a story in the left-wing Observer newspaper as one of two other London MPs in favour of the initiative.

And it is not the only racist scandal Corbyn has become embroiled in this week.

Jeremy Corbyn stood by and did nothing as a pro-Palestinian activists branded Jews 'immoral' and accused them of 'celebrating' the death of innocents, newly unearthed footage reveals today.

The Labour leader was by the side of the stage at a London rally as Ishmail Patel spoke just feet away.

The footage raises fresh questions for Mr Corbyn, who was today questioned over his personal role in the fight against anti-Semitism. 

Mr Patel has previously praised Hamas for 'standing up to Israel' and insisted it is 'no terrorist organisation'.

As Mr Corbyn looked on he tore into Jews over the situation in the Middle East, saying: 'We see the impact of Zionism on Palestinians.

The Labour party, the party of tolerance, equality and anti-racism? You must be kidding!

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