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Corbyn's Red Mask Slips: Under Socialism you WILL Cooperate


The softly spoken, polite Jeremy Corbyn of old is gone. Now, we see his true colours shining through; that colour is the bloody red of socialism!

Whilst out on the campaign trail, trying to bump up his crumbling support, Corbyn was quizzed by a member of the public on the possibility of a second Brexit referendum. Replying to one citizen, Corbyn laid it out blunty: "No, no guys, You gotta cooperate, see under Socialism you'll all cooperate."

The red menace has returned. This election is one of the most pivotal in our nation history. This could very well be the general election in which England falls to the false song of Socialism.

With England's future and Brexit on the line, we urge all true English Patriots to get behind the only truly patriotic party in England and come out waves to vote for the English Democrats. England will not go down without a fight. Labour must prepare for a fight, because we are ready for them!