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Corbyn's St George's day gaffe


Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn was left humiliated after a Happy St George's Day message was sent out 24 hours early onĀ  the Labour Party's official Twitter account.

The official account issued a tweet yesterday morning wishing everyone a "Happy St George's Day" - before quickly deleting it when it was pointed out it is in fact tomorrow.

The full message read: "With the next Labour government, we'll celebrate the patron saint with a bank holiday and bank holidays for St Patrick, St David and St Andrew too.

"Sound good? Share the news."

The attempt to sway potential future voters with extra bank holidays left the party with egg on it's face, when eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed the key mix-up.

One person responded: "The Labour party has tweeted Happy St George's Day... on the wrong day... and these p***** wanna run the country!"

Another said: "I'm looking forward to their Christmas Day message... on the 24th December."

And despairing person added: "How is a country meant to vote for you, you can't get the date right."

The tweet was swiftly deleted, as was an enthusiastic posting of the same message from Northumberland Labour.

An infuriated Brit wrote: "Labour - the party that wants to run this great country can't even get the date of Saint George's Day right.

It really says something about your country, when the second largest party does not even know the date of the nations patron saint!