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Rock great Eric Clapton pens anti Covid-Tyranny song


Rock great Eric Clapton, who has gained worldwide attention for his outspoken criticism of forced COVID-19 vaccine measures, has just released a new song entitled This Has Gotta Stop, an anthem for all who oppose the increasing tyranny of vax mandates and passports. 

The song, announced by the 17-time Grammy winner via Twitter over the weekend, has already garnered more than one million views on YouTube alone.  

Clapton revealed earlier this year that receiving a COVID vaccine was so “disastrous” for him that he thought he’d never play guitar again. 

Though rooted in his personal experience with the vaccine, the song’s lyrics are a passionate cri de cœur —a cry of the heart— for all who sense the totalitarian nature of COVID-19 mandates and lockdown measures imposed on western democracies since March 2020: 

This Has Gotta Stop,  

Enough is enough,  

I can’t take this BS any longer.  

It’s gone far enough,  

If you wanna claim my soul,  

You’ll have to come and break down this door.  

I knew that something, was going on wrong 

When you started laying down the law. 

I can’t move my hands 

I break out in sweat 

I wanna to cry,  

Can’t take it anymore. 

I’ve been around a long long time 

Seen it all 

And I’m used to being free. 

I know who I am 

Try to do what’s right 

So lock me up and throw away the key. 

Thinkin’ of my kids 

What’s left for them 

And then what’s coming down the road 

The light in the tunnel 

Could be the southbound train 

Lord, please help them with their load. 

This has gotta stop 

Enough is enough 

I can’t take this BS any longer. 

It’s gone far enough 

If you wanna claim my soul 

You’ll have to come and break down this door. 

This isn’t the first time Clapton has used his musical talent to warn that personal liberty is at risk as governments straightjacket individual freedom under the guise of COVID-19 containment. 

In December he recorded a new song with friend and fellow rock and blues great Van Morrison entitled “Stand and Deliver,” warning against government overreach.  

The lyrics ask “Do you wanna be a free man or do you wanna be a slave?” and warns “Is this a sovereign nation or just a police state? You better look out, people, before it gets too late.”