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Covid-19(84): Primary school head to make pupils wear masks from September


A primary school headmaster has become the first in the country to make children wear face masks when they start the new term next month - and has warned coverings won't be enough.

All pupils above the age of five will be forced to cover their faces, according to the edict sent out by Warren Harrison, chief executive officer of the Premier Academy's Eaton Mill Primary School.

In a newsletter sent to parents on Monday, Mr Harrison slammed the government for 'doing everything on the hoof' and said the Premier Academy was acting with 'common sense, logic and reason' in the face of coronavirus.

But the plan goes against government guidelines which state children under the age of 11 do not have to wear masks.

The newsletter - which was signed off with 'Stay safe, mask up and stay classy', states: 'All staff, children, parents, carers and visitors must don a mask when on site or they will not be allowed access.

'Face coverings are not acceptable. We recommend the N95 or surgical masks.

'Once in their bubbles, children and those members of staff in close contact with children will change from a mask to a named shield which will be supplied by the school. Anyone may however stay in a mask if they prefer.

'Reception aged children will not be mandated to wear a mask or face shield, however we would encourage you to encourage them to do so at the current time.

'When moving around the school, masks or shields must be worn - e.g visiting the toilets.

'When not in the classroom, masks may be removed for eating purposes and when outside the building during the bubble's daily walks. All cross bubble contact between children and staff and staff and staff will need all parties to don a mask.

'At dismissal time all shields should be left on desks with water bottles so that they can be cleaned efficiently.

'Children will be dismissed in masks to adults wearing masks.'

It comes after he wrote a message to parents several weeks back, saying: 'None of us can afford to be complacent.

'And if you are not taking Covid-19 seriously then we need to find you a school which better matches your view of the world. Maybe try Hogwarts.'