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15 Years of Covid Restrictions


They've got us where they want us, and they're going to keep us there! Anyone who thinks that the completion of the vaccination programme will stop the liberal elite from exploiting the covid 'pandemic' to push their control agenda needs to look at what's going on in Iceland.

With its tiny population and advanced health care system it has perhaps the highest rate of vaccination compliance in the world.

98% of over 70s have been jabbed, and 90% of 40 - 70 year-olds. If vaccines work, then covid would be over.

Indeed, the government announced that all lock down measures had ended on June 26th.

But just four weeks later, Icelanders are being told that a massive surge in positive tests means that covid restrictions must be reimposed - and will be needed for 15 years.

We can see all too clearly that all Western regimes are singing from the same covid hymn sheet. The only difference with Iceland is that they have effectively completed the vaccination operation quicker than most other places.

So what is happening in Iceland isn't something weird, it is simply giving us a picture if what the future holds for us all.

Boris Johnson, the Biden junta, the EU, the lockdown totalitarian in Australia - they will all do exactly the same. Because they all share the same agenda. 

It was never about a disease and health, it was always about control, power and profit.