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Record 88 migrants found crammed into a single dinghy


A record 88 migrants crammed into a single dinghy were among more than 1,000 to cross the Channel in recent days.

The packed vessel was intercepted in the Channel on Sunday and brought to Dover, sources said.

The numbers being crammed into dinghies has been creeping up in recent months. Earlier in the crossings crisis, the typical load was about 40 people per boat.

Last week, migrants were pictured straddling the side of a rigid inflatable boat as they headed for the UK.

On Monday, 661 migrants arrived in 15 boats - the third busiest day this year.

This sends the number of arrivals so far this year soaring above 18,000.

Some 337 arrived in five vessels - an average of 67 in each - on Sunday and 130 in three dinghies on Saturday.

It comes after figures emerged showing that France is intercepting fewer Channel migrants than last year despite a £480million funding deal struck with Britain in March.

Figures compiled by French authorities show that just 13,759 – or 45.2 per cent – of migrants have been stopped by French beach patrols since January.

This was down from the 17,032, or 45.8 per cent, over the same period last year.