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Migrant crossings hit new daily record


Friday saw the biggest daily record of migrants crossing the English Channel so far this year, with nearly 700 people making the treacherous journey in small boats.

Home Office figures show 686 migrants made the journey, beating out the year's previous record of 549 on June 11.

It takes the total number of incomers to have traversed the Channel this year to 12,119 - just seven per cent beneath the cumulative total of 13,000 for this time last year, The Telegraph reports.

A total of 45,755 migrants crossed the Channel last year, setting a new record.

The problem again resurfaced on Sunday morning, as Border Force officials escorted another 65 people to safety at the Port of Dover.

The Border Force detected and intercepted 13 small boats on Friday, with an average of 53 people crowded on each dinghy.

It followed a week of relative calm, with testy conditions making it unviable for any boats to cross.