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Demand for migrant hotel rooms to rise AGAIN


Demand for migrant hotel rooms could increase again, the Home Office has admitted.

Taxpayers are forking out some £8.2million every day for asylum seekers despite Government efforts to use barges and former military sites.

Some 50,000 migrants live in hotel rooms, with ministers hoping to house more at two former RAF bases - RAF Scampton and RAF Wethersfield - and on the Bibby Stockholm barge.

In an Equality Impact Assessment on proposals to use the former home of the Dambusters – RAF Scampton – the Home Office states: “ in the face of record levels of demand, the future remains highly uncertain and, in some scenarios, such as an unexpected rise in irregular arrivals, demand could grow.

“Given the likely sustained demand for asylum accommodation for the foreseeable future, there is an urgent requirement for capacity that can be set up at pace to prevent asylum seekers becoming destitute and/or homeless whilst their claims are being processed.”

Official figures show that it made only 43 decisions despite receiving 8,706 asylum applications in the first six months of this year.

Of those, 38 asylum seekers were given “complementary protection” and another five were “otherwise closed”. None were rejected.