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Terror Watchdog: Deradicalisation of jihadis does NOT work


Attempts to deradicalise jihadis using mentoring and theological programmes do not work, the head of the terrorism watchdog has warned.

Jonathan Hall QC said there is 'no magic bullet, no special pill' that could successfully deradicalise someone whether they were coming back from Syria or being released from a prison.

Instead, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation suggested said that extremists being released onto the streets of Britain should be closely monitored and made to take lie-detector tests.

He described terrorists as 'deceptive' like sex offenders, who would say anything their probation staff would want to hear if it meant being given their freedom. 

Hall said he supported plans in the government's Counter Terrorism Bill to subject released terrorists to polygraph tests.

The measure, which has been used in the management of sexual offenders since 2013, will apply to terrorist offenders with a 'Very High/High risk' of serious harm who have served at least 12 months in jail.

The measures were drawn up after the London Bridge attack to tighten the monitoring of serious offenders in the community.