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York Dungeon stands firm after 'woke idiots' call for Dick Turpin ride to be renamed


In a win for common sense, the York Dungeon has faced down calls from parents to change the name of its Dick Turpin carriage ride to Richard Turpin!

Merlin Entertainments, who own the attraction, said it has received “a number of requests for the character to be renamed to Richard due to the apparent rude nature of his nickname”.

Dick Turpin was an infamous highwayman in the 1700s. He was executed in York in 1739 for horse theft.

In the new exhibition, guests will listen to scary tales while sat in a dark carriage.

The stories will reflect the hold-ups that highwaymen of the era made their trademark.

Turpin will order guests to “stand and deliver".

Despite excitement about the attraction, some parents have asked that the name be changed from Dick, to avoid children being exposed to a rude word.

The York Dungeon spokesman said: “We have had a few complaints about it, which is silly. His name is Dick Turpin.”

The Telegraph reported Howard Johnson, a co-owner of the Eden Camp Modern History Museum, a rival Yorkshire attraction, saying: “A vote for common sense. Ignore these woke idiots.”

Mark Mattinson, general manager of The York Dungeon, said: “Our Dick’s Back carriage ride is the grand finale of our York Dungeon tour, and thousands of guests have already enjoyed this thrilling end to their visit.

“We were shocked to receive complaints asking to change his name but despite any potentially rude connotations, we’re here to say that Dick is here to stay.”