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Disappointment in Southend West


I am sorry to say that all the patriotic parties that stood were disappointed in the Southend West By-election which took place notionally on Thursday.  Most votes were actually cast well before then, using the postal vote system.

We came 4th with 320 votes behind UKIP with 400 votes.  The Patriotic English vote was split by “Daddy Dragon” and his new party which got 86 votes after a huge effort.  While I expected those 86 would have voted for us if he had not stood, nevertheless neither he, nor the UKIP’s splitter, David Kurten’s “Heritage Party” made any difference, except perhaps to the order of the patriotic parties.

Despite the fact that the By-election was caused by the consequences of the British Political Establishment’s support for mass uncontrolled immigration and for “Refugees Welcome” policies, nevertheless 12,792 voters put their cross against the name of the “Conservative” candidate Anna Firth. 

Second place in the results was the 1,084 spoilt ballots!

Anna Firth’s acceptance speech said it all about the British “Centerist” Establishment’s attitude to our democracy, as she praised the other Establishment parties for colluding in not standing candidates!

So the fight for justice goes on and will go on until the English people wake from their slumber and reject what has been done to England by a British Establishment that despises the very name of England and of the English!  KBO!

I would like to thank our candidate, Catherine Blaiklock, and all those who helped and supported us and of course our voters.

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Party Chairman