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Home Office hands out diversity and inclusion cards


Home Office civil servants have been provided with packs of ‘Inclusion Cards’ to prompt discussions about diversity and safe spaces before meetings.

The Home Office branded packs feature 54 question cards focussing on diversity, equality and inclusion.

Civil servants are told to “Pick a card, ask the question then discuss responses to create an open and curious focus at the start of a team meeting”.

Questions include: “What does diversity at work mean to me?”, “What do I need to feel that I belong?”, “What are the benefits of diversity for our team?”, “What does equality mean to me?” and “How often do I promote equality?”.

A Home Office source said: “These inclusion cards are typical of the Home Office's woke HR culture.”

“They treat us like children and spread their propaganda around diversity and inclusion constantly.”

“We hear about it in meetings, go through endless DEI training and waste time we should be spending on protecting Britain's borders discussing the colour of our skin, our sexuality or our religion.”

“Working here can be demoralising and ministers seem to do nothing to stop the DEI rampage.”

The pack of cards are entitled “Let's Talk Inclusion Cards” and claim that “The questions explore themes that impact inclusion at work: Belonging, Authenticity, Voice, Trust, Feeling Safe, Diversity and Equality”.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “We keep our diversity and inclusion policies and programmes under constant review to ensure they meet the needs and priorities of the department and our people.”