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Dozens of Illegal Boat Migrants Brought Ashore


Dozens of illegal migrants reached the shores of England over the weekend with the border Force stopping five boats in the English Channel, carrying 74 illegal immigrants.

On Sunday night alone, 31 people in two small boats — 25 men, three women, and three minors — were stopped at sea, marking the fourth such “incident” in three days.

The migrants were brought ashore in Dover, as is customary under European Union protocols. The illegal aliens will be processed and medically examined before immigration officials will make a determination as to whether any of those caught crossing illegally will be granted asylum.

Those migrants not recognised as refugees — and few if any should qualify, given France is a safe country — will likely be added to the ever-growing number of people in the United Kingdom who have been denied status but not deported.

“The nationalities of those found are yet to be established. Their cases will be dealt with in line with the immigration rules”, a Home Office spokesman told KentOnline.

We do not need immigration panels to determine the legitimacy of their status. We need water tight closed borders and a programme of deportation of all the illegals already here as well as all immigrants who have broken the law, no matter how trivial.