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Military Families Given Just One Week to Leave Homes Earmarked for Migrants


Military families living on a former air base outside the village of Wethersfield in Essex have been left “appalled” after they were given just a week’s notice to leave their homes at a former airbase in Essex to make way for alleged asylum seekers.

They will be forced to leave so that the base can be converted into a migrant camp as the government continues to try to reduce the £6 million per day bill for accommodating asylum seekers in hotels across the country.

Speaking to Sky News, a member of one of the military families said: “We’ve almost been moved off the base now before the asylum seekers move on. Originally we were given a good time period. It was a good couple of months. But over the last few weeks that’s all shuffled.

“For some families, it’s a week’s notice. It’s obviously quite hard for them. They’re having to pack their whole lives up in a week.”

“The phrase I’d like to use probably contains a swear word. I think appalled – appalled is probably the nicer way to say it. Let down.

“They’ve railroaded everyone with this. I wish they’d have given us a choice and not made it feel so forced. If they’d had the conversations it would have been easier.”

The migrant camp is expected to hold up to 1,700 migrants, potentially threatening the way of life of the town of Wethersfield, which only has a native population of around 700. Currently, the former air base is home to around 18 military families.

So far this year, over 10,000 illegals have crossed the English Channel, adding to the approximately hundred thousand that have broken into England over the past three years.