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EasyJet introduces gender pronoun name badges


EasyJet has become the latest employer to introduce gender pronoun name badges for its staff.

The air crew will get to choose from 25 pronouns as part of introducing "an inclusive environment for everyone".

Employees can choose from both English options as well as pronouns used in other languages such as ze/zir/zirs, xe/xem/xyrs and xier/xies/dier.

The airline said name badges will be amended for staff who request it.

In 2019, EasyJet also advised cabin crew to avoid using the collective greeting "ladies and gentlemen" after a Twitter user complained.

Staff are now urged to say "welcome everyone" in order to involve all passengers.

It comes after airline Virgin Atlantic updated its uniform policy last year to remove gendered clothing requirements in a move which saw passengers criticise the airline for not focusing on passenger prices and experience instead.

Employees including plane crew and pilots can now choose which uniform they wear.

Cabin crew have the choice between the company's "red" option, previously more commonly worn by female flight attendants and the "burgundy" option, previously worn by male flight attendants.