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Eco Extremists spray Treasury with fake blood


Eco fanatics Extinction Rebellion has used a fire engine to spray the front of the Treasury building with fake blood.

The group unfurled a banner urging the government to "stop funding climate death" and said they had fired 1,800 litres of the "blood" at the building - although most appeared to have ended up on the street and pavement.

At one point, protesters struggled to control hose as it whipped around of its accord.

Police later turned up to protect the building and four people were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Campaigners said the fire engine they used is out of commission and the fake blood made with food dye that can be washed off.

Extinction Rebellion said it wanted to highlight the "inconsistency between the UK Government's insistence that the UK is a world leader in tackling climate breakdown, while pouring vast sums of money into fossil exploration and carbon-intensive projects".

Silly, silly people. Just look at the POLLUTION pumping out the exhaust of the fire engine!