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ED Candidate "Based Amy" Running Against Traitor Anna Soubry


We are pleased to inform our members and supporters that English Patriot "Based Amy" Dalla Mura is running against Brexit traitor Anna Soubry for her Commons seat.

Amy is accused of harassing the cowardly MP, after confronting Soubry over her blatant contempt for our democracy and her three-year long mission to halt brexit.

She is currently facing harassment charges, after Soubry reported her to the police.

In court, Soubry said she was left “in fear for her own safety.” The accusations made against Dalla Mura mean she is banned from Broxtowe, the very constituency she running in for a seat in the House of Commons.

Let's teach Soubry a lesson and elect a real patriot to truly represent the English people. No longer will our ancient parliament suffer traitors like Soubry and her ilk.

Come the 12th of December, cast your vote to give Soubry the boot and elect Based Amy for MP in Broxtowe. If you wish to help support Based Amy and our other candidates in this election, please click here.