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Ed Sheeran slams 'all areas' of London as 'dangerous'


Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has criticised the capital as being "sketchy" and "dangerous".

The 33-year-old reportedly owns 22 properties in London, but has said the whole of the city poses a risk of people "getting robbed".

The Standard reports Sheeran lives in a £3.75m estate in Suffolk, and reportedly rents out properties across London.

In a chat with US podcaster Theo Von, the popular singer was asked: "What's the most dangerous place to be around here?"

"Here? I'd say every area of London. Literally, every area is sketchy," the Shape of You singer replied candidly.

He continued: "I think that you cannot be anywhere. It's not like a segregated city. No, I mean the nice areas are sketchy, the bad areas are sketchy, but you just have to not do stupid s***."

“If you wander around with, I dunno, like a Louis Vuitton duffel bag and a £200,000 watch, you are going to get robbed," he insisted before suggesting: "But just don't do that."