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End BBC Censorship



Robin Tilbrook, Solicitor and chairman of the English Democrats launched a legal challenge last month to prove that in law this country had already LEFT the EU on March 29th at the end of our 2-year notice.  

This top-level legal challenge to the Government has received no BBC coverage. Compare this to the Gina Miller challenge to keep us in!  Clearly, we can see a totally unfair imbalance in how the BBC are treating the case to save Brexit!

This is grossly unfair and smacks of serious political bias from the BBC in favour of the REMAIN camp despite its threadbare claims of impartiality!

The reality is clear. The BBC gave Gina Miller and her anti-Brexit case wall to wall coverage but is completely ignoring and stifling discussion of Robin Tilbrook’s legal challenge which seeks to defend our BREXIT vote!

Every patriot from all four corners of England must rally behind us. Brexit hangs in the balance. Our legal challenge to the government is the only way to ensure a clean break from the bureaucratic elites in Brussels. The traitors in Westminster and the controlled media know our case is the last chance we have to break the EU shackles.


If you are disgusted by the BBC’s lack of impartiality in general and in this case particularly, then please sign the National ‘END BBC CENSORSHIP’ Petition and SHARE it to everyone you know and we shall present this in person to the BBC’s regulator to DEMAND a fair deal from the BBC !