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England and Australia could bring in freedom of movement as part of post-Brexit trade deal


The United Kingdom and Australia could bring in a freedom of movement deal between the two countries as part of a post-Brexit trade agreement.

Australian MPs are calling for "generous provisions" to allow Brits and Australians to freely live and work in both nations.

Once Britain leaves the European Union, it will see the end of freedom of movement to Europe.

Currently, Brits can get free visitor visas to stay in Australia for up to three months at a time, and can also apply for working holiday visas.

"In the long term, a free-trade, free-movement block consisting of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK is an attractive idea in a dangerous world," said a report called "The Ripper Deal".

He said a free-movement agreement would not "require the UK to sacrifice its newly-reclaimed sovereignty

According to public polling, there is strong support for freedom of movement between the four countries.