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Nearly 700 Illegals Land in England in Two Days


Nearly 700 illegal boat migrants have been brought ashore in England over just two days this week, as the crisis in the English Channel looks to continue its record-setting pace.

On Wednesday, some 279 illegal aliens crossed the Channel in nine small boats after setting sail from France. This comes after a yearly high was seen on Tuesday when 400 arrived on the beaches of England.

On top of that, an additional 563 boat migrants were successfully prevented by French authorities over the past two days, meaning well over 1,000 attempted to reach the United Kingdom in just two days.

The total number of illegals who have reached the country by boat has already hit 2,923 which, according to The Times, is more than double the figure seen during the same time period last year.

Johnson’s government has been warned that up to as 65,000 could land this year, nearly double last year’s record of 28,526, but remains unwilling to consider the simple expedient of turning boats back to France unilaterally.