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English Democrats to bring second Defend Brexit case!


English Democrats to bring second Defend Brexit case!


Whilst our first case awaits a decision by the Court of Appeal, the country is waiting to see if Boris Johnson really means a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.  There are encouraging signs but no certainty yet.

As the Attorney General has already pointed out, the legal default position is again, even on the basis of the Government’s case in our first Defend Brexit case, that a new Act of Parliament would be required if there was to be another attempt to prevent us leaving with ‘No Deal’ on the 31st October.

We aim to make sure that the High Court declares that any extension beyond the 31st October which does not have an Act of Parliament to authorise it is ruled as being null and void!

So I have already instructed our Junior Barrister and our QC to begin work on preparing Judicial Review papers to make sure of this but we do need help to fund this second case.

This will make sure that the Court has to rule either that the March 29th extension or the October 31st extension is null and void and so either way, that we are out of the EU with ‘No Deal’!

Together let’s ensure that we take the belt, braces and self-supporting trousers approach to ensuring a political hang, drawing and quartering for any so called ‘Conservative’ who wants to slither away from a ‘No Deal’ Brexit!

Friend and patriot let us NOT leave any room for the Remainer elites to wriggle free from our legal strategy.

The future of our Nation and the future of our children is at stake so please help me go the extra mile to ensure we do absolutely EVERYTHING we can to get what WE THE PEOPLE voted for on the 23rd June 2016! I need YOU to stand with me today by chipping in whatever you can. Together WE can do this.

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman - The English Democrats