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All English elections will be held under first-past-the-post rules


The First Past The Post voting system will be used in all elections in England, reports say.

The traditional method will reportedly replace the Supplementary Vote being used for metro mayors and police and crime commissioners.

The changes to the Elections Bill this week is said to be to hold mayors and PCCs more accountable to the voters amid confusion during the ballot.

First Past The Post is the electoral system used to elect MPs to Westminster where they represent their constituency.

Voters are given a ballot paper on election day and they vote for the one MP they want to represent them in government.

The Supplementary Vote is part of a broad group of 'preferential' voting systems used for electing metro mayors and PCCs.

Voters have two columns of boxes next to each candidates name - one for a favourite and another for a second choice.

The Elections Bill will be tweaked for the elections of metro mayors, the GLA mayor, council mayors and PCCs across England and Wales from 2023.