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English Reject Idea UK Has Responsibility for Illegal Boat Migrants


The English public believes that the United Kingdom is not responsible for illegal boat migrants crossing the English Channel from France, a poll has found.

According to YouGov, only one-third of respondents (35 per cent) believe that their country has a responsibility to accept illegal immigrants, compared to 50 per cent who think that the country should not be responsible for them.

The poll also found that nearly half of the British public, 49 per cent, have little (22 per cent) or no sympathy (27 per cent) for the migrants attempting to reach England’s shores from France. Just 44 per cent have a fair amount (25 per cent) or a great deal (19 per cent) of sympathy.

When taken generally, 46 per cent of Brits think that the United Kingdom has “done more than our fair share to accommodate refugees” who have arrived in Europe. Just 20 per cent believe the country has “done less than our fair share”.

A previous poll from YouGov in July found that just 23 per cent of the British public feel that the nominally Conservative government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson is performing “well” on immigration, compared to 62 per cent who thought that the government is performing “badly” — up from 44 per cent in March.