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EU diversity campaign declaring 'freedom is in the hijab' is pulled


A diversity campaign in support of hijabs launched by Europe's leading human rights organisation has been pulled, apparently after a backlash in France.

The Council of Europe released a series of images last week as part of an anti-discrimination campaign in a bid to promote respect for Muslim women.

Tweeted images showed portraits of two smiling young women spliced in half and fused together to show one with hair uncovered and the other wearing the hijab. 

One advert read: 'Beauty is in diversity as freedom is in hijab.

'How boring it would be if everyone looked the same? Celebrate diversity and respect hijab.' 

The Council of Europe is one of the continent's oldest political institutions and aims to promote human rights and the rule of law.

It is distinct from but partly funded by the EU and the campaign was the product of two workshops held in September with Femyso, a forum of Muslim youth organisations.

The Council did not confirm that the pulling of the campaign was a direct result of French pressure.