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Labour wants to allow EU migrants and nationals to vote


Keir Starmer seems to be trying to 'gerrymander' UK general elections over plans to hand millions of EU residents a vote in choosing British governments.

In an apparent attempt to roll-back Brexit, reports said he planned to include the proposal in his party's next manifesto.

It would potentially be coupled with votes for settled migrants as well as for 16 and 17-year-olds.

This week, there were suggestions as many as four million EU nationals who lived in the UK and paid tax here could get a new right to vote in general elections.

It comes after Sir Keir, bidding to be Labour leader in January 2020, branded the treatment of EU residents after the Brexit referendum as 'shameful'.

Keir, who had previously called for a second Brexit referendum, said: 'The Government should give all EU nationals living in the UK full voting rights in future elections.'

He added: 'They are our neighbours and friends and families.'

A Labour Party spokesman told the Sunday Telegraph that Sir Keir 'fundamentally believes that if you work hard and contribute to this country…………….it is fair and right that you should also have a say in decisions being made for your community.'