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EU's chief brands Theresa May 'insane'


In a new film about talks between Britain and the EU, Prime Minister Theresa May is branded 'pathetic' by top Brexit negotiators from the European Parliament.


Brexit: Behind Closed Doors shows a team led by Guy Verhofstadt branding her 'insane' and laughing at the UK.

Verhofstadt's chief of staff, Guillaume McLaughlin, responds to the news that a Brexit deal is no longer possible because the PM hasn't cleared it with the DUP, with a foul-mouthed rant.

He says: 'What the f*** is wrong with her. That’s insane. "I don’t know, I haven’t spoken to her?" That’s ridiculous. Pathetic, pathetic.'

The fly-on-the-wall BBC documentary shows him scream 'oh f*** off' at a TV screen showing Mrs May telling the Tory conference she wants a deal as Edel Rettman Crosse, Verhofstadt’s top aide, backs him up.

After Leave-supporting Andrew Rosindell MP argues with Verhofstadt over the Irish border, Crosse tells Verhofstadt: 'I’m most proud of you when you take on a Tory, he was a f***er' and adds he should 'shoo the f***er' out.

It also features Verhodstadt commenting on Mrs May's infamous twerk to Dancing Queen as an Italian MEP suggests Barnier's theme should be The Winner Takes It All.  

Roberto Gualtieri, member of the Brexit Steering Group, suggests that Barnier should use the song, to which Verhofstadt says 'that would be sexier'. 

The series also reveals disparaging comments by German Christian Democract MEP Elmar Brok, who says the EU must not help the UK while it is 'in a mess'. 

In his series, Michel Barnier speculates as to who the EU should negotiate with in the talks.

He asks whether it should be Brexit Secretary David Davis or Downing Street adviser and suggests it should be someone 'stable, available and reliable'. Verhofstadt jokes that the bloc cannot ask to much of Britain.