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EU V.P calls for Brexit Cancellation


The British government should 'cool down and rethink' its decision to leave the European Union, the far-left socialist Vice President of the European Commission said.

Frans Timmermans, a candidate to candidate to head the EU Commission, said on Wednesday: 'I absolutely hope that the UK might stay in the EU.'

the Dutchman continued: 'I hope this period of extension will be used for Britain to calm down and rethink things a bit, perhaps for politicians to be more responsible with the promises they make, and then look at the issue again later this year.' 

 'Who knows what might change in the meantime?', he added.

Timmermans was speaking during a television debate with his main rival, Manfred Weber of the centre-right European People's Party (EPP). 

Polls - which assume UK participation in the elections - show the EPP winning 178 seats and the socialists getting 144 seats.

Timmermans is hoping to replace the current President of the European Commission EPP's Jean-Claude Juncker and is running on a ticket from the EU's second biggest political family, the socialists.

Labour, which backs a second referendum, could help Timmermans' socialists win more seats in the 751-seat European assembly.